Economic Stability

Defined as employability and financial empowerment

Values and Goals

At PYO we believe…

  • Satisfying work can enhance life outcomes
  • Experience and connections improve employability
  • Workforce skills are translatable and valued
  • Understanding budgeting and savings increases financial stability
  • Creating equity includes valuing generational wealth

We want our students to…

  • Have great references and great resumes
  • Increase self-knowledge of strengths and skills
  • Increase workforce development competencies
  • Have better financial habits/knowledge

Opportunities Provided

  • Workforce development training
  • Paid summer internships
  • Paid year-long internships
  • Resume development
  • Job site visits
  • Financial literacy
  • Matching savings program for post-secondary education

Community Partners

Latino Community Credit Union       1 To 1 Fund Website