Defined as an intentional and supportive relationship

Values and Goals

At PYO we believe…

  • Relationships impact a person’s resiliency
  • Relationships lead to opportunities
  • Creating safe, constructive relationships is a valuable, transferable skill
  • Teens from risk factors need support finding mentors

We want our students to…

  • Increase comfort in a wide variety of social situations
  • Increase number of supportive adults in school, work, community
  • Improve decision making processes and abstain from risky behavior
  • Have the ability to maintain/add relationships based on developmental needs

Opportunities Provided

  • Community based mentors
  • School based mentors
  • Job site mentors
  • Boys and girls group mentoring
  • Duke students as academic coaches
  • Projects with Master’s Level interns

Community Partners

NC Association of Volunteer Management The Tringle Non-Profit and Volunteer Leadership Center Volunteer Match Website

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