Why We Exist

Partners for Youth Opportunity (PYO) is the product of a 2014 merger between YO:Durham and Partners for Youth, two organizations serving a similar population of Durham youth.

PYO was created to more effectively address the growing “opportunity gap” resulting from the chronic disconnection of Durham youth from economic and educational opportunities.

By combining the efforts of two organizations, PYO has been able to reach more Durham youth, connect with more volunteers and businesses and expand services to better support students moving into post-secondary education.

Three years ago, when we were rebranding our organization to reflect our merger, the “adults” felt strongly about including “Durham” as a part of our name. Our students however felt very differently. Many were still living in neighborhoods that were unsafe. Many had experienced bias, bigotry and racism firsthand. Their families were struggling economically and college, though a goal, felt like a complicated dream.

While we celebrate all that Durham is becoming, PYO exists to make sure that ALL our youth have access to the benefits that the new Durham has to offer.

Entrepreneurs succeed when they have connections and mentoring. Families can thrive when they have a supportive community and stable incomes. College students succeed when they enroll in the right schools, with the academic skills they need and a financial plan on how to graduate with minimal debt.

Nothing that we do at PYO for our students is extraordinary. We help them with school, we help them find jobs, we help them find supportive people and we take them places they haven’t experienced before,

We are all simply working together. Our staff, board, volunteers, tutors, job sites, funders and families make sure all of our children have the opportunity experience the new, thriving Durham.

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