Academic Coaching Model Unveiled at Tutoring’s Return

At Partners for Youth Opportunity, staff and volunteers believe in helping students to reach their fullest potential through our academic support like test prep and tutoring. To make it through high school successfully while preparing for post-secondary education takes a game plan.

Enter Academic Coaches.

Tutors are academic coaches who are here to not only help students in academics but to also rally them on to success. Here are a few ways academic c
oaching is impactful to students according to Beyond BookSmart, a company that teaches students to be effective learners:

  • Improved academic performance
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Better understanding of which learning strategies work best based on individual learning styles
  • Practical application of organization, time management and study strategies
  • Increased independence and self-reliance
  • Enhanced motivation and productivity

A recent visit to Duke University’s Student Volunteer Fair saw 37 Blue Devil student volunteers sign up to be PYO academic coaches this school year — by far the most to ever sign on. During the recent coaching orientation at ReCity, this year’s tutoring site, coaches received input on PYO’s history and mission, familiarity with the educational attainment programming as well as the tutoring curriculum. Approximately half of all PYO’s high-school students took advantage of free tutoring last school year.

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