Be a PYO Mentor

What Does It Mean to Be a PYO Mentor?

Job Description

  • To develop a supportive, long-term relationship with a PYO student
  • To support your students’ successes in school, at home, and in career activities (including making and implementing future educational and vocational plans)


Be A PYO Mentor
  • Desire to work with youth who need a dependable, caring adult.
  • Have strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Able to commit to being on time and present for each session.
  • Willing to be sensitive to factors that put students at-risk.
  • Have an interest and ability to collaborate with other adult mentors.

Roles and Responsibilities of Mentors:

  • Attend PYO orientation training and development sessions throughout the school year.
  • Spend a minimum of 1-2 contact hours weekly with mentee.
  • Encourage student to be successful and serve as a role model.
  • Share positive social, personal, and educational experiences.
  • Communicate and listen.
  • Show how to make and achieve realistic goals.
  • Communicate with the PYO Mentor Coordinator about students’ progress.
  • Participate in periodic team activities with other mentors and their mentees.

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