March 2017 Events

Annual Breakfast, Bowling, & More

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March 2: Annual Breakfast!: ALL SENIORS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND! Join PYO at our Annual Breakfast Fundraiser at the Ivy Community Center at 4222 Fayateville Rd. 27713! Contact Adam or Julie for more details.

March 2: Tutoring: Every Tuesday/Thursday throughout March, EXCEPT MARCH 14 & 16. Contact Ms. Dosali if you’d like to attend both days!

March 13: Parent Meeting: Join us for Parent Meeting to learn about some important steps you and your student need to take to participate in activities this summer. We’ll be at Lyon Park! Contact Adam for more details!

March 15: Trip to Brumley Nature Preserve: Join Adam and some others as we go to Brumley Nature Preserve and clear some trails! It’s a great chance to get outside and do a little volunteering. We’ll leave from Lyon Park at 3:00! Contact Adam for more details.

March 18: Girls’ Group!: Join Ms. Dosali and the Girls’ Group as they go bowling! It’ll be a ball! (Get it? Like bowling ball? It’s funny, right?) Contact Ms. Dosali for more details.

March 22: Graduating Senior Boot Camp Series: College Bound! All PYO Seniors should plan to be at Lyon Park from 4:30-6:00 for our Senior Boot Camp Series. Come and learn about how to get plugged into your college campus, common pitfalls to avoid, hear some advice from current college students, and hang out for a bit! Contact Ms. Dosali for more details!

March 24: SCA Meet UP Day: If you want to be a part of PYO’s summer workforce programming, you MUST be at this SCA meet up day! This gets the process rolling! We’ll be at Lyon Park. Contact Koonce or Adam for more details.

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