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LCCU Hosting Savings Match Celebration

Ana Ortiz, a graduating senior who has worked her own jobs in addition to PYO internships, recently opened her LCCU account and chose to save 50 percent of her savings.

Ana Ortiz, a graduating senior who has worked her own jobs in addition to PYO internships, recently opened her LCCU account and chose to save 50 percent of her savings.

It has been a long year for students, particularly high school seniors, working internships. But the end is now in site and as of Memorial Day weekend, students that started work in September will wrap up their current opportunity.

While the purpose of internships is to allow students to learn soft and hard skills needed to succeed in the professional world, another much needed component is the financial literacy lessons, such as saving, that come along with it.

In honor of students that successfully saved a portion of their paychecks (students saved on average 40 percent), Latino Community Credit Union is hosting a savings match event May 11 at 5 p.m. LCCU will highlight and apply the savings match of $175 to each student who managed to save at least $325 of pay. The entire savings will be released to students during PYO’s annual end-of-year celebration to be put to use in their secondary education.

Also during the match celebration, new students headed to work internships will follow in the footsteps of those before them and begin opening their own accounts.

Help Needed with Summer Training Meals

Summer Intensive and Summer Career Academy training is coming fast and once again we need Durham’s help.

To keep our students’ minds sharp, we rely on the community to help provide nutritious meals for the weeks of our training. If you are interested in providing a meal, please sign up for a date using the link below, see how many students the meal would feed and deliver the food to ReCity (112 Broadway St. St. B, Durham NC 27701) at the time listed on the SignUp!

Examples of meals include easily prepared and served items that can feed large groups such as sandwiches, pizza, fruit cups/bowls and cereal/granola bars. The time slots listed provide total meal time–you don’t need to stay and eat with us unless you want to! Please let PYO know if you will need assistance providing plates, cups, drinks, etc.

You can use this link to sign up or contact program director Adam Barnard ([email protected]) with any questions or monetary donations.

Tutoring Year Comes to a Close

Estephanie R. and her math tutor Mohammad C. go over her final tutoring lesson for the semester.

Estephanie R. and her math tutor Mohammad C. go over her final tutoring lesson for the semester.

The academic support portion of our programming is one of the most used by students in PYO.

In addition to testing preparation such as for the ACT and SAT there are regular college visits to universities like East Carolina, UNC-Chapel Hill, Appalachian State and several other state institutions.

Now, once again, it is time to say farewell to tutors and tutoring until next school year. Students used the last day of tutoring to catch up on any final projects or lessons and spent leisure time with their tutors playing games, eating pizza or chatting.

Perhaps the most helpful segment of academic support, the weekly tutoring that takes place on Duke’s East Campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays is also often the largest regularly occurring gathering of PYO students. Students spend this time brushing up on study concepts, homework and tips while also learning more about upcoming college life from their Duke University tutors.

Qaadir M. (right) plays a game of pool with his tutor, Duke football running back Jela D. on tutoring's last day.

Qaadir M. (right) plays a game of pool with his tutor, Duke football running back Jela D. on tutoring’s last day.

Trey C., soon to be a rising junior, struggled in school a bit and decided to take part in tutoring last school year. He said in the beginning when he came he didn’t take it too seriously, it was a chance to socialize with his friends. But as the weeks went by, Trey began to understand how beneficial the support could be and has now raised his grades enough that he is passing each subject.

Jem. R is a graduating high school senior who didn’t have as big of a need surrounding tutoring but instead used his time to meet with college advisor Amy Daubert to fill out his FASFA and other items on his check-list in order to attend Durham Tech this fall.

This year more than half of PYO’s high school students took advantage of tutoring and academic support!

Nurse Mentor Volunteers with PYO

Graduating senior Jovanny R. succeeds in CPR certification.

Graduating senior Jovanny R. succeeds in CPR certification.

PYO believes in a holistic approach in grooming opportunity youth for future success. This means in addition to tutoring, working and mentoring, a students healthy well-being is also important.

Enter Nurse Mentor – a Duke University School of Nursing student ran volunteer organization that began Fall 2014.

Kelly Corwith, a Nurse Mentor student behind the organization, said partnering alongside PYO, Nurse Mentor is working to provide health education to students already utilizing PYO’s vast services and opportunities.

“As future RNs the opportunity to reach out to local teens and help enhance their knowledge as well as further grasp an understanding of the needs of our new local community as Duke students through communication has been an amazing experience,” she said.

Most recently, this past semester, Nurse Mentor provided health education alongside already in place tutoring sessions. Nursing students were able to have engaging sessions ranging from all matter of health topics from sexual health to nutrition.

“We hope by providing our own knowledge on such topics and allowing an open and non judgmental space to ask questions and voice opinions and simply helping to answer questions has created a great experience for PYO teens,” said Corwith.

Nurse Mentor hopes to continue to grow through the summer and throughout the coming year.

Girls Group Visits Self-Care Exhibit

The third Saturday of each month usually finds a group of PYO girls and women from the community (including PYO staff) gathering for some bonding time.

Most recently, they attended The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University’s “The Self-Care Exhibit,” which honors self-care through portraits and stories (conducted by the Durham-based The Beautiful Project) of fourteen African-American women. The purpose was to give in particular, black girls, a chance to critique and confront negative and positive portrayals, such as beauty, of themselves and women of color in the media and in their own life experiences.
PYO Student Group Self Care Exhibit
“As women we often feel we have to take on a superwoman personality and we don’t always take care of self first,” said Dosali Reed-Bandele of PYO.

In the interactive exhibit the girls had the opportunity to take part in several stations including spa aroma therapy, learning about essential oils, visiting the “meditation corner” and studying about women and exploitation.

After having lunch together after the exhibit, the ladies wrote about their experiences (a constant in Girls Group) and what they think about self-care.

PYO’s next Girls Group will be Sat. May 21 and tie into our Service Learning Day projects!

Dates to Remember

LCCU Match Celebration
Wed., May 11 5:00 p.m.
Latino Community Credit Union
Becoming Durham Youth On Fire Awards
Fri., May 13 5:00 p.m.
414 E. Main St.
Congratulations to PYO Student Christian Lawrence for being a recipient.
Summer Workforce Workday
Wed., May 18 4:30 – 6 p.m.
Lyon Park
All students in workforce training must attend!! We will continue working on resumes and interviewing techniques.
Service Learning/Mentor Outing Day
Sat., May 21 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Meet at 800 Watts St. (Watts St. Baptist Church) to disperse to various sites
This is one of our annual service learning events in which there is a choice of volunteer options: helping with a diaper bank, Meals on Wheels, Reality Ministries, helping to clean Ellerbee Creek or assembling “Blast off to Kindergarten” kits.
End of Year Academic Reviews
Wed., May 25 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Lyon Park
Dosali is checking in on grades and end-of-year testing!
Last Day of Internships
Friday, May 28
Students must have completed exit interviews with Koonce!
Text @pyonc to 81010 to sign up for PYO‘s text communication! All who sign up for our text communication can opt out of our Robocall system! Please contact Adam if you have any problems signing up.
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