Meet Charlie Ebel

By Jenique Taylor, PYO MSW Intern

Board member Charlie Ebel is an extremely capable communicator that has been helping guide PYO for a few years. He has acted as a spokesperson for a national nonprofit as well and created content for print and interactive media as well as websites.

He received his anthropology degree from Duke and currently works as director of proposal operations for RTI International. A decorated professional who has won numerous awards including the 2008 National Health Information Award for his consumer handbook Managing Herpes, Ebel is also a world traveler including African nations such as Ghana, Liberia, Zambia and Nigeria.

Ebel became involved with PYO back in 2013 when he came across a car wash fundraiser for the agency. He was struck by how staff and students interacted with each other and his interest was piqued. That day he took a pamphlet about PYO and has been involved ever since.

Ebel initially started out on the development committee but was later tapped to be a full board member. Always a proponent of change throughout his life, he believes that circumstances around your birth or the community in which you live should not define your destiny.

“Part of what drives my involvement with PYO is knowing that I’m helping to create change in the lives of youth that may not be given the opportunity for change without PYO,” he said.

Ebel works with PYO to help identify and provide funding for programming. Although he hasn’t had the opportunity to mentor any youth personally, he is inspired by the stories of PYO participants and how the organization influences their lives.

When in the situation to speak about PYO to prospective employers or funders, Ebel said he tells them to just become involved.

“Knowing you can make a difference in someone’s life today that can potentially change his or her future is something that you should be a part of,” he said.

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