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UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law graduate Jack Rockers joined PYO’s board this fall. Admitted to the North Carolina State Bar, Rockers focused on immigration and environmental law in school. During his first year of law school he graded the highest in his Research, Reasoning, Writing and Advocacy class and by his third year he was a member of the Immigration/Human Rights policy clinic where he co-authored Dangerous Detention: Human Rights Standards and Enforcement in Immigration Detention.

Rockers has also been a staff member of the North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation as has also served on the board of the Carolina Public Interest Organization. In addition to being a member of the North Carolina Bar Association, he is also a member of the American Bar Association and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Proficient in Spanish, Rockers graduated magna cum laude from Marquette University where he received a B.A. in Political Science. He spent a semester interning on Capitol Hill in Congress, has interned with the N.C. Justice Center and is well traveled from Central and South America to Spain and Morocco. He’s also taught elementary school in Chapel Hill.

In addition to being a legal expert, Rockers is also an accomplished kayaker, mountain biker and fly fisherman.

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