October 2015 Events

Fundraising, Pumpkins, & More

Find the important dates this month. Click on the image to download the calendar

Find the important dates this month. Click on the image to download the calendar

Fund Raising Event- Seniors it is very important for you to attend because we will be trying to raise money for more scholarship opportunities. Come with your loving faces and personalities! Contact Julie for more information

College Fair-

Reggie’s Legacy Golf Tournament- Contact Julie for more information

Mentor Outing Day- Contact Adam for more information

Parent Meeting for English/Spanish Speaking Parents: mandatory! English speaking—contact Dosali. Spanish speaking—contact Miriam.

Eye Hear Me!-  A new spin on our traditional girls group with a different way to express ourselves. Contact Dosali for details.

Alston & Byrd Site Visit- Contact Adam or Koonce for Details

Tutoring: If you are in the Academic Support Pathway, tutoring twice a week is mandatory. It is open to all students, however! Come and work with our Duke tutors to get those grades up! Contact Dosali for details.

Student Wellness Group: Exciting partnership with Duke Nurses about our Mental and Physical Health —Contact Benia for information.

Academic Review Meetings- One on one time with Dosali at Lyon Park to discuss your school year thus far. Contact Dosali for details.

Pumpkin Patch-  Great volunteer opportunity to help people pick pumpkins and get into the holiday spirit. Contact Julie or Koonce

SCA Student Meetup- A fun opportunity for us to catch on how we’re doing since seeing each in the summer, and telling about new developments. Contact Adam for more details

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