Scrap Exchange Savers

Meet Khadijah, Miracle and Ron’Asia.

These three teenage girls all have big dreams after high school with all planning to become entrepreneurs whether being a restaurateur, a computer engineering consultant, or a cosmetologist.

This past summer the young women received an opportunity to intern with the popular community reuse art store — The Scrap Exchange. While interning with the organization, the three would work organizing materials and products, assisting customers, packaging and creating projects. The experience granted the chance to not only use their budding entrepreneurial skills, but it also gave them the occasion to lead and be in charge of their own store departments.

Ron’Asia said the opportunity to learn business at her first internship while also saving for cosmetology school increased her enthusiasm about the entire experience.

“I was so enthusiastic and felt inspired by my creative projects,” she said. ” I loved working here.”

Khadijah added that since she wants to become a professional baker, the organizational skills she picked up while working her crafts section will help her in business school later.

Between the three girls, they saved almost $1000 to further their educations.

You can help one or all three to continue on the path of success.

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