Second Annual Savings Celebration Awards Granted

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average American personal savings rate at the end of July was 3.5 percent. The savings rate for PYO students interning this summer was 48 percent on average.

Together, students saved more than $7,000 to help fund their post-secondary educations. In the past two years, PYO students as a whole have saved at least $36,000 toward their college educations.

To celebrate the summer accomplishments by our youth, Latino Community Credit Union hosts a savings celebration to highlight their fiscal discipline. During the short gathering in which family members are invited, PYO students share the pros and cons of their savings experiences as well as what is the easiest or more challenging aspect in reaching their goals.

To increase their financial literacy in the power of investments, students are encouraged to lock away the savings in 12-month short-term certificates in which their money cannot be touched but continues to garner interest. All eighteen students who met their match opened an STC.

PYO has partnered with the 1:1 Fund to raise funds that will be used to match student savings. This week, September 11-15, every dollar you donate (up to $500) will be matched by the 1:1 Fund. Help us raise $6,000 to match student savings at PYO by donating here.


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