Senior Boot Camp Reveals College Acceptances

Spring is always filled with excitement around PYO as students and families prepare for high school graduation. With 15 seniors expected to graduate from high school in June, PYO recently held a “Senior Boot Camp” to help with the transition out of high school and into the real world.

Academic Director Dosali Reed-Bandele and College Support Specialists Amy Daubert and Susan McCraw planned the event to give graduating seniors a framework in terms of what college will be like.

“We also wanted to help dispel any myths and fears that are associated with going to college,” said Reed-Bandele.

Daubert conducted a workshop on “Answering the Why” in which seniors discussed what their core values are and how that relates to why they want to go to college.

McCraw talked with seniors about the financial side of college. She explained that the FAFSA is not a one-time process but one that has to be done every year a student is in school. Students played a game about the colleges they would be attending and the costs associated with the school. She concluded by discussing costs for things such as laundry, hygiene products and budgeting for meals.

After lunch, Dr. Mazella Fuller, a licensed therapist at Duke University, conducted a wellness workshop with seniors that included going for a walk around Lyon Park’s West End neighborhood. She discussed the importance of self-care and reducing stress while at college.

Lastly, there was a panel of current freshmen at Duke (Emma Calhoun
and Jennifer Chin—who are also PYO tutors) and PYO college students UNC-Chapel Hill’s (Avia Dolberry) as well as ECU’s, Trina Aiken. Seniors got to ask the college students questions about getting connected to campus life, making friends, classes,
partying and choosing a major.

Nine of PYO’s seniors attended the workshops and several shared their acceptance letters with the organization.

As of now Amil Mangum is headed to North Carolina Central University, Nandi Reed-Bandele will be attending Bennett College and while Linda Chen is still undecided, she is considering continuing at Durham Tech or heading off to UNC-Greensboro.

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