Senior Projects Added to Scholarship Process

Serina’s Project Presentation

To help students to reflect and recognize their involvement with PYO over the years, for the first time ever, the organization tasked graduating seniors to document their experiences through some form of artistic medium. This could be a poem describing their internship, a song to their mentor, an article highlighting their educational attainment or a number of any other options.

The idea came from a conversation with some of PYO’s NCCU interns concerning their senior year experiences.

Presentations were held a couple of weekends ago and 10 out of our 15 seniors presented. Projects ranged from PowerPoint presentations to poetry and paintings and even heartfelt letters.

A group of PYO parents and staff judged presentations.

The projects are meant to be an addition to the PYO scholarship process. Seniors are asked to fill out an application to explain how they will use the money for the next school year. Scholarships start at $500 and students can earn up to a total of $1,000 based on their level of activity in each component of the program.

PYO Academic Director Dosali Reed-Bandele said everyone in attendance was amazed by the stories they heard.

“The projects demonstrated how PYO has truly impacted our students,” she said.

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