Student Makes Impact on Local Business

The past couple of summers, PYO has had a student enroll in N.C. Central University’s Summer Youth Business and Entrepreneurship Academy through the School of Business. In partnership with the Executive Leadership Council, SYBEA students receive business training and exposure to higher education through a scholarship covering attendance costs as well as room and board.

Rising high school freshman Samori R. attended this summer’s academy and took part in a business plan development team competition case study in which students developed business plans for a new idea. Judges from the business community evaluated the plans.

Samori’s team won the competition!

Students were broken into groups and researched Chef Ricky Moore and his local business, Saltbox Seafood Joint. Students had to come up with innovative ideas that Chef Moore could implement in his new location opening up in the Rockwood neighborhood of Durham this summer. Samori’s group won the case study competition after the group presented a 3D model, a kid’s menu and a social media-marketing plan.

Samori called the business academy a “good experience” and said he’d learned some of the things he had picked up with PYO workforce training like problem solving and working with a team.

“I also learned that things are bigger than yourself,” he said. “In business you have to go above and beyond and do more than someone wants you to do. Don’t do the minimum or the norm.”

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