Summer Career Academy Underway

After graduations are out of the way and the school year has ended, PYO summer workforce training begins to heat up.

Our annual “summer school” that teaches teenagers real-world workplace skills that prepare them for internships begins June 19 and runs through June 28 at ReCity.

The U.S. May unemployment rate was 4.3 percent, the lowest since the tech boom of the early 2000s and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, just slightly less than 9 percent of 16-to-19-year-olds that have recently wanted a job, have had trouble finding one. Studies have found that the teenage summer labor force participation has dropped dramatically from about 41 percent in July 2007 to about 35 percent in July 2016.

Reasons for this discrepancy vary but include primarily educational impacts such as summer school and course work to get ahead, earlier school start dates, parental emphasis on educational related activities and more students have gone to college immediately after high school, to name a few.

For teens wanting to work, competition from older workers remaining in the workplace longer and recent college graduates has made entry into more typical teenage work, like food preparation and serving, office and administrative and sales occupations more difficult. For instance, the BLS found while occupations held by teens like food prep had fallen between 2005 and 2015, the share of older workers (ages 20-34 and 55 and over) grew in those jobs.

For the parents and grandparents of many PYO students, the summer job was a rite of passage that helped them garner life skills that could not be found at school such as collaborating with those of older generations, problem solving, taking initiative and communication skills.

PYO workforce training levels the playing field for Durham youth wanting to work by giving them the hands-on skills they need to compete with not only their peers but workers that may be much older.

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