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Summer Career Academy

PYO Summer Career Academy
The PYO Summer Career Academy is a six-week job training program designed to prepare students to succeed in a professional environment, and more specifically for our paid, school-year internship placements. During the academy students attend classes Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 3:30pm and are paid a stipend.

The summer program focuses on helping students develop the vital “soft skills” employers find lacking in entry-level employees. Effective written and oral communication with peers and supervisors, time-management, conflict resolution, professional demeanor, and goal setting are among the topics stressed through simulations, role-playing and interaction with a diverse group of professionals. Each student develops a career plan and a portfolio showcasing particular strengths and interests. The career academy also features visits to local college campuses, tours of local businesses and nonprofits, and a ropes course.

PYO Summer Intensive

Summer Intensive

The PYO summer intensive is a one-week basic course designed to prepare students for our summer internship placements. This condensed version of the Summer Career Academy includes an introduction to workforce competency skills, interviewing techniques and conducting oneself in the workplace and communication with coworkers and supervisors. Students that complete summer intensive will have the opportunity to interview with and work up to ten hours a week for six weeks in paid summer jobs.

Summer Internships

PYO Summer Internship
PYO summer internships are 6-weeks long and are often the first paid work experience for many of our students. One or more workplace mentors who help instill the basic competencies they will need to succeed in the workplace supervise student interns. Our program is grateful to the following businesses and nonprofits that have hosted summer interns over the years:

  • Camp Calvary Summer Camp
  • Durham Arts Council
  • Democracy North Carolina
  • Interfaith Food Shuttle Garden
  • Pennies for Change Thrift Store
  • Durham Economic Resource Center (DERC)
  • Welcome Baby
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