Summer Workforce Training Wraps Up

As the warmth of summer transitions into fall, it is time for a brief recap of workforce training programming.

A total of 28 students went through the intensive two-week summer training and 35 youth in all worked PYO internships at sites including the Durham County Cooperative Extension, N.C. Mutual Life Insurance Company and the Triangle Land Conservancy among many others.

PYO student internships and their relationships with employers have grown over recent years. The organization’s hands-on, on-the-job-training experience has been impactful to everyone involved.

For example, Elisabeth Chadbourne began hosting PYO interns at her natural beauty production business about three years ago. In that time she has hosted five students who have performed for her admirably, she said.

“Lizzie” as she is affectionately known, had been saying for years that she wants to hire those same interns as her business employees. This fall she is actually getting the chance to do so by hiring three of the young ladies to work with her part – time producing products, marketing and selling at local farmers markets.

As if that was not enough, Chadbourne recruited PYO’s latest small business, Tierra Sol, which has a rapidly expanding business growing succulents and creating homemade terra cotta pots to grow in. Tierra Sol has been a good site for students interested in entrepreneurship and also has plans of looking to employ an intern in the near future.

With a handful of interns continuing to work into the school year, here is a breakdown of how employers graded students who worked this summer:

  • 96 percent were “good” to “excellent” in punctuality and regular attendance
  • 89 percent had “very good” to “excellent” positive attitudes at work
  • 99 percent were given “good” to “excellent” scores on communicating clearly
  • 77 percent graded “very good” to “excellent” in teamwork and collaboration
  • 73 percent graded out “very good” to “excellent” in time management
  • 96 percent of employers noted marked improvement in student independence by the internship’s end
  • 92 percent of employers would provide future references for their interns

Curriculum shared with students during June’s training included:

  • Student assessments
  • Resume writing
  • Strategic planning
  • Job-seeking strategies
  • Communication & public speaking
  • Conflict management
  • Elevator speeches
  • Workplace dress codes
  • Mock interviews & interviewing techniques
  • Workplace advocacy
  • Social media & setting up LinkdIn pages

Internship sites students worked this summer included:

  • Tierra Sol
  • Bell Yeager Summer Camp
  • Durham Farmers Market
  • Jeannie’s Place
  • Kids Voting Durham
  • C. Mutual Life Insurance Company
  • Soul Cocina
  • Welcome Baby
  • Camp Calvary Summer Camp
  • Durham Arts Council
  • Museum of Life & Science
  • Pennies for Change
  • Durham Congregations in Action
  • Lo & Behold
  • Project BUILD
  • The Scrap Exchange
  • Don’t Waste Durham
  • Triangle Land Conservancy
  • In the Mix Radio
  • The Durham VOICE


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