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Dear Donor,

Thank you for your recent donation to Partners for Youth Opportunity. The staff, Board, students and their families are always so very grateful when we receive a gift because to our organization, it means opportunity for our students.

Not only does your donation allow us to provide the much needed resources that our students need to succeed, it also says you really care about their future. It says that you believe they can be successful, and we constantly remind our students of your belief in them and the investment you are making in their future.

We believe in our students’ resiliency- that despite whatever obstacles they face, that with support and opportunity, they can achieve their dreams. There is nothing more exciting than wrapping your arms around a graduating student and congratulating them on their success. Each hug demonstrates, against all odds, their amazing success is possible because of your willingness to support them.

Graduating students have a much better chance of securing a positive future for themselves, for their own families and ultimately for the whole community. Thank you for your wonderful gift; we are delighted that you have chosen to invest in Partners for Youth Opportunity.

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