Veronika–Saving and Conserving

Meet Veronika.

Before she ever joined Partners for Youth Opportunity years ago, Veronika always knew she would be an artist. She attended a local high school in which art of all types was her focus and when she attends college for the first time next semester, she will begin her professional art studies.

But in between her time of high school graduation and her first day on a college campus, Veronika took the Triangle Land Conservancy up on its internship offer through PYO.

This summer she spent time with the conservation group visiting its sites, attending meetings, creating art and helping with social media. She works about 20 hours a week with TLC and is saving 30 percent of her stipend to help fund her higher education.

In addition to honing her artistic and communication skills, to date she has saved more than $830 to further her goal.

You can help Veronika to continue on the path of success.

Donate to the 1:1 Fund campaign today.

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