Families with Incarcerated Members

Approximately 1 in 110 white children, one in 15 black children, and one in 41 Hispanic children have a parent who is incarcerated.

Why It Matters

  • Research has shown that males and females have different reactions to a parent’s incarceration:
    • Boys with fathers behind bars display more delinquency and aggression
    • Girls exhibit more internalizing behaviors and attention problems

What We’re Doing About It

  • We provide students with resources based on the four support strategies proven by resiliency research:
    1. Access to positive places to spend time
    2. Access to positive people to be around
    3. Access to positive activities to engage in
    4. Opportunities to contribute to their communities
  • Support for students to create their OWN identity through tutoring, training, workforce development, service learning, mentor relationships, and cultural experiences
  • Recruitment of students with a parent or family member enrolled in StepUp Durham in order to reinforce support among all family members affected by an incarceration
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