Ximena and Estephanie Plan for the Future


When PYO students Ximena and Estephanie decided they were going to intern with PYO, the first thing they did was to define their savings rates for higher education.

Both girls settled on saving at least 90% of their internship stipend. Both girls also have a passion for working with youth and their community.

Once they began their internships with Carolyn Kreuger and Durham County Cooperative Extension’s Kids Voting Durham, they got the opportunity to share their passions with the same community they love.

In addition to teaching youth the importance of the voting process, at KVD, Ximena and Estephanie also helped Durham County pull together a voters guide by interviewing councilmen candidates and also helped to create a promotional video about the work the organization does for the community.

“They helped us come up with live streaming ideas for a candidate forum and created questionnaires concerning city council issues and feedback,” said Carolyn. “I noticed the communications of both improved and they began understanding office environments and culture.”

Both girls agree.

“I learned about Excel software and how local government works,” said Ximena. “All of this will help me once I get to college.”

Between the two of them, both girls have saved close to $700 this summer to help finance their future educations.

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