Yearlong Interns Scoring High on Evaluations

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This past year’s school time changes requiring high school students to start and end the school day later forced PYO to make changes to our internship programming.

Up until this past school year students were released early enough to work professional internships during the work week whose offices close before 6 p.m. This allowed students to go to advanced work sites like medical establishments, Self-Help Credit Union, The Durham VOICE and others. Now those internships go to students who have early dismissal or late arrival permission to school so that they can make it to their internships on time and get work done.

This past year PYO put 10 students to work in yearlong internships at sites including Self-Help, Soul Cocina, The Museum of Life and Science, El Futuro, The Durham VOICE and In the Mix Radio.

Some quick notes on this year’s internship evaluations from supervisors include:

  • In communication skills & interpersonal effectiveness, 90 percent of interning students scored “Very Good” or “Excellent.”
  • Concerning a future recommendation, 80 percent of supervisors said they would act as a reference for the intern.
  • A majority of supervisors, 80 percent ranked the quality of intern work as “Excellent.”

School-year internships start up again after Labor Day.

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